Christopher Jay

Counsel, Legislative Committee on Education, Nebraska State Legislature

As a graduate of Ave Maria Law School, I currently work for the Nebraska State Legislature as Counsel for the Legislative Committee on Education.

My undergraduate years at Wyoming Catholic College have proved an immense advantage, because they not only taught me how to think, but how to learn – to “light the fire” as William Butler Yeats wrote. Moving from the Liberal Arts at Wyoming Catholic College to acquiring a Juris Doctorate has underscored the importance of how the Liberal Arts formation is essential for leadership, since the interrelated and complex problems of this day and age require a deep understanding of the whole human person lest the “solutions” cause more problems than they solve. As an international liaison at the United Nations in NYC, where I worked as an intern to the Holy See, I saw firsthand the great need for such an integrated education in the diplomatic sphere. Concurrent to law school, I also composed a work that makes accessible primary sources of Catholic Social Teaching, available both on Amazon and for free at, titled 2000 Years of Social Wisdom: Catholic Social Teaching from the Papacy.