The Aquinas Institute and Wyoming Catholic College have recently partnered to bring you the Liberal Arts Core. Twelve accredited courses are now available to take online! Similar to courses offered by the College, all classes follow a discussion-based format and use 100% primary source materials. Teachers are approved by the College’s Dean and credits may be proposed for transfer to colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and abroad.

The curriculum dives into humanities, philosophy, and theology and is ideal for students ready to do college-level work, students already enrolled in state universities looking for a way to more robustly fulfill general education requirements, and people of any age group and background who want to fill in gaps in their own education. The program can be completed in two-years; however, courses may also be taken one at a time.

The Liberal Arts Core is rooted in the reality that defined the Western world, namely the Catholic Church: her inspired Scripture, her sacred tradition, and her doctrinal teachings. An international faculty of faithful Catholics guides students through live discussions of the greatest books ever written so that students can face the challenges of today’s world with authenticity and love, bringing a well-formed mind into the public square, confident in the truth and inspired to share it with others.

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Two Simple Ideas

The Institute and College designed the Liberal Arts Core Program around two simple ideas: Great Books and Real-Time Conversations.

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