The Liberal Arts Core Program is a collaboration between The Aquinas Institute and Wyoming Catholic College. Individual courses are similar to those offered by the College as part of its full curriculum, and all teachers of the online courses are approved by the College’s Dean. As a result, the courses are accredited, due to the College’s status with the Higher Learning Commission, and may be proposed for college or university credit at institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and abroad.

The Program offers a two-year online curriculum that initiates students into the great intellectual tradition of the Western world. These twelve classes draw from some of the greatest writings in Theology, Philosophy, and Humanities, to provide an integrated experience of the Liberal Arts.

The entire program is rooted in the reality that defined the Western world, namely the Catholic Church: her inspired Scripture, her sacred tradition, and her doctrinal teachings. An international faculty of faithful Catholics guides students through live discussions of the greatest books ever written so that students can communicate Catholic principles and integrate them into their lives.

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Two Simple Ideas

The Institute and College designed the Liberal Arts Core Program around two simple ideas: Great Books and Real-Time Conversations.

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