SOF Veteran Trip with COR Expeditions

WHO: Retired SOF vets who are successful in marriage, family, education, and careers after the military acting as Cadre for SOF vets in transition to civilian life

WHAT: SOF Veteran Mentorship Getaway in Wyoming. Activities to include Cowboy 3 gun, backpacking, fly fishing, nightly conversations around the campfire, and a steak dinner. Participants will be sleeping in tents at 8500-9500′ altitude.

WHEN: September 6-12, 2021

WHERE: Pinedale, WY and the Wind River Mountains

HOW MUCH: $750 per person. A $150 deposit is required upon registration; some participants will be relying on sponsorships to cover the balance. The course fee does not include airfare or other transportation costs to and from the course.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: The cost of the trip includes everything needed from the beginning to the end of the course. We provide professional guides, camping arrangements, transportation for the duration of the course, rental equipment, technical gear,  food, and more!  A specific gear and packing list will be provided upon enrollment. Participants are asked to bring some personal items and are able to borrow additional required items from our equipment center.

WHY: SOF military professionals live a highly team-centric, mission focused lifestyle for 10+ years in which self, marriage, parenting, etc. are all subordinated to the foreign deployment mission. Returning to civilian life almost overnight leads most to experience an unavoidable period of upheaval and re-acquiring their sense of self identity, purpose, balance, and initiative as they build their own teams and missions for the rest of their lives. We believe that like the Roman hero, Cincinnatus, these warriors-turned-civilians’ glory days can be ahead, not behind them. This trip is designed to provide a “Full spectrum” approach from the Western canon of literature, humanities, philosophy and theology, and nature to create a venue that allows a cadre of SOF vets to help their newly transitioning brothers work through these issues. Friendships forged on this trip will endure long after the actual details of talks or reading materials fade. It’s the network of friends and mentors helping them answer the questions of who and what that really make a difference for men.

For more information, contact:

Joseph Stong PhL
cell: 912-547-5189