Frequently Asked Questions

Hospitality at the Ranch

Where is the COR Ranch located, and what is the best way to get there?

 The Ranch is located in Cora, Wyoming, thirty minutes’ drive outside of Pinedale. We are just under a four hour drive from Salt Lake City and about a seven hour drive from Denver. Most families who are traveling from outside Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah book flights into Denver and rent a vehicle using one of Denver’s many affordable rental options to come up to the ranch.

What meals are provided during the Retreat and the Getaway?

During the Retreat and the Getaway, both breakfast and dinner are served daily. Instead of lunch being served cafeteria style, every family has the opportunity to make sack lunches at the dining hall over breakfast that they can take with them during their daily activities.

Can the ranch food service accommodate special dietary needs?

We are happy to work with your family’s needs and can accommodate common concerns, including offering gluten and dairy free options. If your family’s needs are severe, please contact our staff during the booking process so that we can find the best way to assist you.

What lodging options are available during the Retreat and the Getaway?

The Ranch offers rooms in the main lodge, individual cabins, and RV and tent camping sites. The main lodge offers hotel-style rooms with private bathrooms and shared hallways, while the cabins offer private bathrooms and private entrances. Families are welcome to bring RVs, campers, or tents, or to rent tents and other camping equipment from COR.

What do I need to pack for my family to come to the ranch?

If you have booked a cabin or main lodge room, all bedding and towels are provided. If you are planning on tent camping or RVing, you will need to bring your usual gear or rent tents, sleeping bags, and pads for your family’s use. (Extra mattresses, sleeping bags,and pads are all also available for rent from COR for the lodge rooms and cabins.) We will send recommended packing lists to all registered families, but any technical gear needed for activities (such as climbing or riding gear) and lots of sports equipment and other activity supplies such as arts and crafts and toys for little ones are provided.

If we bring our RV, are there full hookups? Do tent campers have access to facilities?

We do not have full RV hookups (such as sewage & dump station) available at the ranch, but we do have the ability to get water & electricity to RVs. Both RV’s and tent campers have full and convenient access to bathrooms and showers, and all ranch guests have access to laundry facilities on the property.

Is there financial assistance available for families who would like to come?

COR is a fully non-profit ministry, and our goal is to renew the hearts of individuals and their families through the ranch experience. If you are interested in joining us this summer but find the cost to be a significant burden, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Faith-Filled Programming

Is there daily Mass at the ranch? 

During the Retreat and the Getaway, daily Mass is offered at the ranch, as well as opportunities for Confession. During the Retreat, family Adoration and opportunities for spiritual direction will be available. Daily Rosary walks are optional during both sessions for any families who would like to participate!

If a family attends the Retreat, is it mandatory that they attend all the talks, activities, and programming?

Our desire for both the retreat and the getaway is for families to be refreshed and renewed by a deeper encounter with Christ and with each other. The limited size of the ranch allows for tight-knit community to develop among families, and we have done our best to design a schedule that can meet most families’ needs. We do have an expectation that all families who attend the retreat sessions do their best to engage in the programming, but we understand if unforeseen circumstances arise and attendance needs to be adapted occasionally.  There are no expectations for families attending programming or other events during the Getaway.

What is the difference between the Retreat sessions and the Getaway sessions?

The main difference is the structure of each session. For the Retreat, families spend five full days together with other families and have a communal schedule of fun activities together as well as time built into the day for spiritual programming and prayer. During the Getaway, families can come for as little as two days and stay for as long as ten, and have the ability to create their own schedule of activities and engage in the programming as much or as little as they wish. All outdoor activities that the ranch has to offer are available during both the retreat and the getaway, including fun team sports, arts & crafts, and guided outdoor adventures (such as rock climbing and horseback riding).


Family Fun!

What activities can my family do at the ranch? 

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable vacation for the whole family. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of games and activities at the ranch, including team sports with other families, such as frisbee, ga-ga ball, kickball and more, to typical summer camp fun, including camp fires, themed evenings, and arts and crafts for all ages. We also are excited to facilitate a wide variety of guided outdoor adventures that are suitable for all ages and skill levels! These activities include mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and horseback riding, as well as fishing and canoeing.

What ages are allowed to participate in the activities like rock climbing, canoeing, and horseback riding?

Families with children of all ages are able to participate in all activities together, with the exception of horseback riding (ages 8 and up are able to ride for 1 hour and ages 12 and up can ride for 1/2 day). For example, if a family wants to rock climb, the whole family can go to the rock climbing area and children as young as two can take turns climbing while the little ones play with a parent. The same is true for canoeing- the whole family can go to the lake and little ones can play on the beach while others take turns canoeing in the cove.

Will the activities at the ranch be too intense for my family if we’re not ‘outdoorsy’ or haven’t done any of these activities before?

No, we are excited to have families of all ability levels join us at the ranch! Our activities are easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of skills, and our staff are accustomed to teaching beginners in every activity. Furthermore, each family gets to choose the activities they want to do and can proceed at their own page.