Catholicism is losing members faster than any other denomination. Only 16% of millennials identify themselves as Catholic and 80% of cradle Catholics are no longer Catholic after graduating college. Indeed, it is impossible to remain Catholic without having experienced the person of Christ in the Eucharist and it is difficult to let that experience change your life if you do not know in your heart, soul, and very bones that the Church, the Body of Christ, is alive.

Faith is a gift of grace given at baptism, renewed through the sacraments, and strengthened by acts of faith. At COR, we place our faith in Christ every day by doing our best to plan for everything that we can and then turning control over to God. In fact, each of our other pillars is intended to form and nurture the faith of our participants.  Our community is dedicated to supporting the faith journey of our students we seek to grow in virtue for the sake of following Christ’s will, and we immerse ourselves in the awesome beauty of the natural world where we are required to put our faith and trust in God’s goodness.

COR wilderness settings provide new opportunities for participants to experience the living Christ and to grow in their love for Him through adventures, prayer, authentic friendship, and intentional discussions, all in the context of God’s beautiful creation.

We, at COR, are committed to providing as much access to the sacraments and resources of the Catholic church as is humanly possible. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our trips and the scarcity of priests who are willing and able to come on these trips most of our courses will not have access to the sacraments on week days. However, we are committed to a schedule of prayer and discussion, both communal and individual, that is intended to keep Christ at the center of all that we do. Also, every trip that goes over a weekend will have access to Sunday mass.

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The Four Pillars