Between technology, social media, and a relativistic culture, our reality of community is waning. Even the basics of eating meals together, personal, one-on-one conversation, and true human connection are being lost.

COR wilderness settings foster community through small group interactions where teamwork, dependency on each other, a common goal, and limited distractions create a space for individuals to connect on a truly personal level. In no other context do members of a group depend on each other so completely than in the wilderness and few other environments are as successful at encouraging individuals to build each other up rather than tearing each other down.

The community that the vast majority of Americans are so starved for today is a constant, inescapable element of COR Expedition trips. Every COR Expedition trip consists of constant interaction and teamwork within a tight, family-like community, totally free of technology and false connectivity.

A shared experience of the difficulty and challenges in the wilderness provides time to establish community over meals, build true human connections, and partake in meaningful conversations.

Every individual is made stronger through the support of the community and every community is only as strong as its members.

The Four Pillars