The Four Pillars

COR’s mission is to transform hearts through wilderness adventures in order to renew faith, beauty and wonder, community, and virtue. These goals constitute the four foundational pillars upon which COR expeditions are built, and upon which we hope our students to base their lives. These pillars also define the way COR staff and instructors live out their faith and the principles on which they base their own lives. COR’s pillars: Faith, Beauty and Wonder, Community, and Personal Virtue are these elements which we feel are most under attack by our society, and so they are the elements that COR strives to renew in the hearts of our students.

There can be no doubt that the world is in a dangerous place as ever deeper lines are being drawn in the sand and continually widening divisions are growing between different factions of our culture.  Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for a renewal of unity, purpose, and heart.  At COR we recognize that a culture will not change until the individuals who make it up change.  With this in mind, we believe that if we can renew and transform the hearts of our students to live authentic, Catholic lives we will be well on our way to fulfilling the admonition of Pope St. John Paul II to go and, “Set the world on fire.”