COR Chaplaincy

When we chose our name, we were highly intentional about making the “C” in COR stand for “Catholic” and as such we do our best to make the sacraments available on all of our trips. This is difficult to accomplish as not many priests are able to take the time away from their parishes or other obligations that is necessary to go on our trips. We are incredibly grateful to the priests who come on COR trips and we recognize the commitment, level of fitness, and extreme love for Jesus that is required to come on these trips and bring Christ to the participants. The opportunity for daily Mass and confessions along with the presence, good example, and friendship of theses priests makes a huge difference in the transformative power of our trips. While not every trip that we send has its own chaplain, every group on every trip is able to get to mass on the weekends and time is made for God during every day of every trip.

Please pray for priests and for an increase in generous responses to the priestly vocation!

We are always looking for priests who would like to join us. If you know of a priest, or are a priest, who might be interested in evangelizing through adventure and the outdoors, please contact us to learn more or provide your contact information and availability via the link below.

  • We cover the cost of chaplain travel
  • There is no course fee for our chaplains
  • We can provide all necessary items for Mass in the backcountry
  • Camping gear and extra layers are available free of charge from our equipment center
  • All of our staff are safe environment certified and will work with our chaplains to prevent compromising situations