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"Modern society is drowning in the sorrows of human passions and it is distancing itself from every ideal of love and peace. Catholics, we and you, must bring the breath of goodness that can only spring from faith in Christ."

Committed to Faith and Excellence

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and each one has traveled a different path to arrive at COR Expeditions, but each one has been drawn to this mission through a commitment to living their faith and pursuing excellence.  Our instructors each have a minimum of one year of experience either in ministry, adventure facilitation, or both, and some have up to 20 years of experience under their belts.  However, there are two things that trump even the experience that we have: love for Jesus Christ and love for outdoor ministry.  COR staff and instructors are committed to making Christ the center of every course we offer and are passionate about sharing His Gospel by living out their faith in the most authentic way possible.  This passion spills over into a love for our ministry and every staff member, regardless of their experience, strives constantly to improve their knowledge and skill in the outdoors and to grow in their faith.

Administrative Staff

Thomas Zimmer Ph.D.

Executive Director of COR Expeditions

Jeremiah Baur

Operations Manager, COR Expeditions and Outdoor Leadership Program

Sarah Carlstrom

COR Director of Client Relations

Zachary Carlstrom

COR Assistant Director

Marissa Daskiewicz

COR Administrative Coordinator

Karl Eby

Outdoor Leadership Program Assistant Director

Marley Green

COR Contract Coordinator

Erin Milligan

COR Social Media Marketing

Paul Milligan

Donor Relations Officer

Jack Walsh

COR Administrative Assistant

Field Staff

Andre Klaes

COR Missionary

Elizabeth “Betz” Meluch

COR Course Director

Jacob Ramaekers

COR Course Director

Josh Rutnicki

COR Missionary

Kathy Swindell

COR Missionary

Jack Swindell

COR Missionary

Damien Walz

COR Missionary

Joseph White

COR Missionary

Louisa Whitmore

COR Missionary

COR Missionaries are full time employees who fundraise their own salaries so that they can work year round to make these trips awesome while keeping prices reasonable so that more people have a chance to go on a COR trip and experience Christ in the wilderness.  They have extensive experience leading adventure trips and facilitating both experiential education and adventure skills as well as the spiritual programming component of our courses.  Our missionaries are not just instructors but they also care greatly about the spiritual growth of the participants and are deeply in love with Jesus.  They strive to bring Christ into everything that they do, not in an overbearing or pushy way but simply by living and walking in faith so that He is invited into all aspects of life and every person around is invited into communion with Him.

When they are not on trail our missionaries are spending time in prayer, planning and advertising our next trips, recovering from the last ones, fundraising for themselves and for the program, and training so as to better their facilitation of adventure activities.  They are committed to a job that is more than full time as they seek to follow Christ.  They follow the advice of St. Augustine, “Love God, then do what you will” and show their love for Him by living as He has asked them to and inviting others into that life.

As stated earlier, our missionaries fundraise their own salaries, which means that they are fully committed to their mission of walking in faith and inviting others into communion with Christ as well as striving to achieve excellence in the facilitation of adventure activities.   This means that they need your help to continue doing the work they are called to.  Please prayerfully consider supporting a missionary on a monthly basis.  Even if you do not financially support us, please pray for our missionaries and the work that they are doing!

COR Chaplains join us from all over the country and all forms of ministry: parish priests, members of religious orders, school chaplains, etc. Priests who are interested in joining us on a trip are added to our mailing list and receive periodic notifications about the trips we have available.

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