Open Enrollment Courses

Our open enrollment courses have a set curriculum, activities, and destinations that are open to groups or individuals. Our open enrollment courses range in length from one day to multiple weeks, though most of our trips are one week,  and can be single or multi-adventure trips.

Every course that COR designs, regardless of the adventure activity, is intended to engage its participants in experiential education through intentional activity and debriefing. Our courses, like all things at COR, strive to keep Christ at the center of what we do, so we are very intentional about cultivating a Community on all COR courses which can nurture growth in Wonder, Leadership, and Faith.

At COR we are interested in doing and building things that are meant to last. That is why we say that our courses do not end on the final day of our trips. Our courses are designed to be experiences you can take with you and continue to learn from for years down the road. To help accomplish this mission, all COR alumni are invited to be a part of the COR community and have access to both the alumni network and the tools to continue the adventures begun on COR.