COR Alumni

Alumni Connectivity

It is our goal at COR to make our courses more than just a week of fun that is quickly forgotten or lost amidst a sea of memories.  Our goal is to introduce people to the person of Christ through adventure in the outdoors and to help them continue to grow that relationship with Him and with each other.  We do this by inviting all our course alumni to be a part of a COR community that stretches across the nation.  

COR Alumni will have:

  • The encouragement to keep in touch with everyone on their trip, including instructors
  • Personal contact with their instructors
  • The ability to see what is happening in the COR community as a whole
  • Resources to find other trips and organizations like COR
  • Information about alumni trips and reunion events
  • Recommendations for books, movies and articles
  • Resources to find adventures, trails, certifications, and classes near them

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