The Wyoming Catholic College Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship, known as The Shoegold Scholarship, is made possible through the efforts and annual contributions of members of the Wyoming Catholic College Alumni Association. It was created for the purpose of sending one or two currently-accepted students to the College (subject to the availability of funds), and is a need-based award, rather than one awarded on a merit-basis. Although the College administers the scholarship, the decision about who is awarded the scholarship each year is made by an elected Alumni Scholarship Council.

To be eligible for the Shoegold Scholarship, a student must: (1) be accepted into Wyoming Catholic College and have received a financial aid package; (2) be nominated to the scholarship by a member of the Wyoming Catholic College Alumni Association; (3) face financial obstacles to attending Wyoming Catholic College; (4) demonstrate an exemplary character particularly suited to the formation at Wyoming Catholic College.

To Nominate a Student:

  1. Submit a letter of nomination to by March 10th
  2. In that letter, indicate your willingness and commitment to mentoring your nominated student if selected and your commitment to reporting to the Alumni Board once a year on the student’s progress.
  3. Have your nominated student complete this application form by March 10th. 
The Selection Committee will make decisions by April 16th.