Spring 2019 Founders' Scholarship Competition

What you need to know

The Spring 2109 Founders’ Competition weekend is around the corner.  We want to put some helpful information at your fingertips to help you prepare and enjoy the weekend.  Below you will find information on assignments, schedules, and dress code.  Additionally, please complete our travel information form by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Friday’s class will be based on a an excerpt from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.  Please read Cantos 1-5 to prepare for the class.  We have an included a PDF edition of the Inferno below.  In this edition, the required reading runs from page 1 to page 37.

Click here to access the PDF edition of the Inferno.

Each competitor will be required to deliver a speech on the Saturday of the competition.  You will need to prepare and practice your speech during the weeks ahead of the competition.

Each speech must address the following question: How and why does modern man need the classical tradition? That is, in what ways does the wisdom and insights of the Greek, Roman, and medieval thinkers benefit contemporary people tackling contemporary problems?

Each speech must be four to six minutes in length, and cannot be read.  Speakers will be allowed to have one 3 x 5 in notecard with them at the podium.  Speeches should include specific and concrete examples from Greek, Roman, and Medieval works of art, literature, philosophy and theology.

Speeches will be judged on the basis of the canons of rhetoric drawn from the classical tradition: a. invention (the ability to find powerful arguments); b. arrangement (the ability to make your arguments clear, orderly, and well-supported); c. style (a good middle style, that is, basically clear and precise with the occasional well placed metaphor or descriptive adjective); d. performance (the ability to speak with confidence, articulation, and good tone and rhythm).

The essay on Saturday will be based on this reading and the class discussion.  The exact essay prompt will be provided at the beginning of the essay writing session.




Dress Code

The forecast is currently calling for temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Classroom Attire – To be observed in class and at daily Mass. Men should wear a collared shirt, neat slacks or dress jeans* with appropriate belt and with shirt tucked in, and non-sports shoes (cowboy boots and leather shoes are acceptable). Women should wear a dress, a skirt or formal slacks/modest dress jeans* and blouse, and non-sports shoes. Sleeves are required.

*Dress Jeans: In Wyoming, “dress jeans” are accepted as khakis as a business casual level of dress. Dress jeans are very dark blue (or black) in color, with no holes, patches, fringe or fading, and with a tailored, relaxed fit.

Formal Attire – For the competition on Saturday, the Vigil Mass, and the formal dinner. Men should wear jacket and tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes or cowboy boots. Women should wear a modest dress or skirt and blouse. Sleeves are required, as are dress shoes or cowboy boots.

Casual Attire – The minimum standard that may be observed outside of the residence halls at all other times. Modest clothing is always required, and students should dress neatly and in accord with Christian dignity.

Outdoor Attire – This type of attire can overlap with Casual Attire, it is more specifically designed for performance and comfort while participating in certain outdoor-related activities, such as rock-climbing and caving.  Students are advised to bring trail shoes or light hiking boots.

Packing List

  •  Please bring an outfit for each type dress code described above.
  • Bring footwear appropriate for formal settings, outdoor activities, and possible rain or snow.
  • Any medicine or hygiene items you require.
  • We recommend a backpack over messenger bags for the competition.
  • At least one water bottle.
  • Layers appropriate for temperatures from 20 degrees Fahreinheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hat and gloves
  • Pens and pencils

Thursday, April 11th


12:30 pm                     Depart Denver International Airport for Lander

5:00 pm                       Early arrivals campus tour starting from Baldwin Building, 306 Main St.

6:30 pm                       Dinner at Frassati Hall

7:00 pm                       Campus tour

7:30 pm                       Free time and class preparation

8:30 pm                       Compline (Holy Rosary Church – Optional)

9:00 pm                       Holy Hour (Holy Rosary Church – Optional)

10:30 pm                     Curfew


Friday, April 12th

 7:00-8:00 am              Breakfast at Frassati Hall

7:45 am                       Orientation with Mr. Tonkowich in Frassati Lounge

8:30-9:50 am              Audit classes with current students (see schedule; no prep necessary)

10:00-11:20 am          Audit classes with current students (see schedule; no prep necessary)

11:35 am                     Mass (Shuttles from Frassati at 11:20am)

12:15 pm                     Lunch

1:00 pm                       Audit classes with current students (see schedule; no prep necessary)

2:30 pm                       Seminar class with Dean Baxter in Augur (Competitors only)

4:00 pm                      Oxford conversations with faculty (Competitors only)

5:30 pm                       Dinner at Frassati Hall

7:00-9:30 pm             Evening Lecture

10:30 pm                     (Recommended) Curfew for competitors


Saturday, April 13th

 7:15 am                       Breakfast in Frassati Hall

8:00 am                       Essay writing begins at Augur (Competitors Only)

10:00 am                    Essay writing finishes

10:15 am                     Speeches begin at Augur (Competitors only)

12:15 pm                     Lunch in Frassati Hall

12:45 pm                     Return to Dormitories

1:15 pm – 4:15 pm      Outdoor adventure (Competitors Only)

5:00 pm                       Vigil Mass (DeSmet Chapel in the Baldwin Building)

6:00 pm                       Close of Competition/Formal Dinner (Inn at Lander)

8:00 pm                      Bonfire behind St. Leo’s (Optional)

12:00 am                     Curfew


Sunday, April 14th

5:30 am                       Depart Lander for Denver International Airport

The shuttle will depart from Denver International Airport after the last passengers arrive on Thursday, March 14th.  A college representative will await all incoming competitors at Baggage Carousel 12, Jeppesen Terminal West. If you have trouble finding us, or your flight/baggage is delayed, please call Mr Nick Curley at 307-349-9141. Shuttles will depart for Denver International Airport on Sunday, April 14th no later than 5:30 am, so be ready at your dormitory at 5:00 am.

For those arriving to the College in their own vehicle, please check in the at the College’s main entrance at 306 Main St. in Lander.  There you will receive your reading packet and other orientation materials.  Please check in between 4:30 and 6 pm on Thursday, April 11th.

Those arriving by air but not taking the Denver shuttle will be met by College representatives and directed on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, please contact Jonathan Rensch at 603-440-4615, or add notes to the travel information form below.

The College will reimburse competitors or their families up to $300 for travel expenses.  To request a voucher, please submit flight, lodging, and ground transportation receipts to nicholas.curley@wyomingcatholic.edu.  Photos of paper receipts or forwarded emails are both acceptable.


If you have not already signed and returned a risk waiver to WCC, either for this competition or a previous stay such as PEAK program, you can download our risk waiver here.


Competitors' Forms

Use the forms below to select options for your weekend and submit travel information.