Chaplaincy Position

Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) in Lander, Wyoming, seeks a full-time chaplain to begin June 2022 at our growing institution. WCC is a vibrant, faithfully Catholic school that combines a rigorous, classical liberal arts education in the great books with an innovative outdoor leadership program. The community is characterized by energetic, intentional pursuit of intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation ordered by the treasury of the Church’s tradition, the patrimony of Western Civilization, and the timeless beauty of God’s creation.

The chaplaincy of Wyoming Catholic College exists as part of the school’s teaching mission. As the school’s Philosophical Vision Statement says, the College “will seek to educate the whole person—the mind, heart, and imagination.” Wyoming Catholic College therefore engages the chaplaincy at four levels: (1) in its general nature as a liberal arts college; (2) in its specific mission of moral formation; (3) in its charism of community life; and (4) in its endeavor to seek not just the true and the good but the beautiful as well. All four levels are implied and intended in the Philosophical Vision Statement’s call for the College to “establish and cultivate a proper campus culture through the liturgy, sacraments, and music of the Roman Catholic Church integrated into the life of the College.”

The work of the chaplain unfolds through his role as a priest serving the community of Wyoming Catholic College, especially in his practice of offering noble liturgy and in his role as a teacher of the faith. Chaplains’ responsibilities are to celebrate mass and other sacraments (e.g., daily confession), to lead other daily spiritual practices (e.g., Eucharistic adoration), to offer spiritual direction, to minister (if possible) on week-long outdoor trips, to run and/or organize retreats, to teach (if interested) a theology practicum, and to lead students in spiritual or corporal works of mercy.

The successful candidate will be a Roman Catholic priest in good standing committed to college ministry with a knowledge of (or willingness to learn in) a Great Books curriculum, with ability or interest in the outdoors, and with experience or interest in spiritual direction. Ideally, chaplains can say (or be willing to learn) the Mass in the Ordinary form and the Extraordinary form, both of which are regularly celebrated. The candidate will serve alongside one other chaplain (currently, a priest of the Byzantine rite) as part of a chaplaincy team throughout the year-round schedule (lighter during the summer).

With a student body of about 185 and plans to grow enrollment considerably in the next five years, WCC offers chaplains a unique opportunity to focus their ministry with attentiveness and presence on a small community of students, faculty, and staff intent on fulfilling in holiness the institution’s mission.

If interested, or to ask any questions you may have, please contact President Glenn Arbery at or (307) 335-4214.